Logging in from your iPad or iPhone


How to Log into InforCRM from your iPad or iPhone

This is a two step process; first you must connect to Bearing Service’s VPN. Second, you must log into the InforCRM application.  See below for information about how to do both. 


Downloading and Installing the Dell Sonicwall NetExtender

  • Go to the app Store
  • Search for “SonicWall



  • Once the app is installed, open it and add a connection

           a.       Name can be whatever you wish

           b.       Server must be


4.       Hit Next and fill out the rest of the connection criteria


5.       Last, Click Save. Now you should see an active and connected connection


This completes the setup of the VPN SonicWall Connection.  This allows you to access BSI Services on your mobile device, such as InforCRM and the web system


Setting up InforCRM On iPhone or iPad

1.       Open any web browser on your phone (Chrome or Safari work best)

2.       Put into the address bar

3.       This will bring up the InforCRM login screen

a.       If it doesn’t bring anything up, or shows a white blank page, make sure you are connected to the VPN as show above.


4.       Press the “share/send” button in your browser

5.       Next, click “Add to Home Screen” for it to load a permanent icon on the home screen


6.       Next click add


You have now setup InforCRM on your mobile device